No Fault Accidents and Insurance Coverage in Baltimore

No Fault Accidents and Insurance Coverage in Baltimore

Maryland's Insurance Compensation Fault System When driving in and around the Baltimore area, it's important to understand that Maryland operates under a "fault" rather than "no fault" system when it comes to determining which party and whose insurance company will compensate the individuals who have suffered either property damage or injuries requiring medical attention following an automobile collision. In Maryland, the driver who is judged to … [Read more...]

Liberty Mutual Insurance Approaches Century of Auto Coverage

Liberty Mutual Insurance Approaches Century of Auto Coverage

Liberty Mutual Insurance Celebrates 100th Year The Liberty Mutual Group, which markets Liberty Mutual automobile insurance as the third largest property and casualty insurer in the nation, celebrated the centennial of its founding in Boston, Massachusetts in 2012. Although founded as the Massachusetts Employees Insurance Association to help local companies comply with a state law requiring workers' compensation insurance, it wrote its first … [Read more...]

Geico Insurance Third Largest Auto Insurer in Nation

Geico Insurance and 24/7 Emergency Road Service

GEICO and Warren Buffet GEICO Corporation (Government Employees Insurance Company), headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, is a subsidiary of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. It ranks as the third largest direct writer of U.S. auto insurance among the top 25 auto insurance companies for private passenger coverage, with a market share of 9.22%. Its major competitors in the auto insurance industry are Farmers Group, Inc., State Farm Mutual … [Read more...]

Key Facts About Auto Insurance for Scooters

Safety Gear and Auto Insurance for Scooters

A scooter is a style of motorcycle with a platform for resting the feet while riding that has become increasingly popular as a transportation mode for individuals who want an economical means of travel now that gas prices seem to be rising on a daily if not weekly basis. But just as every state mandates minimum insurance coverage for passenger automobiles, scooter riders should be aware that they must also prove their financial responsibility by … [Read more...]

How to Qualify for A Military Discount on Auto Insurance

Military Discount for Auto Insurance

Military Discount in Honor of the Armed Forces Many auto insurance companies are proud to provide tangible evidence of their respect for the many sacrifices made by past and current members of military armed forces. They do this by offering a military discount on auto insurance to qualified customers. Are you an active member of a branch of the U.S. military services? Are you retired from active service? Are you currently a member of the National … [Read more...]

Safety Equipment Influences Auto Insurance Discount

Car Safety Equipment Auto Insurance Discount

Safety Equipment Brings Auto Insurance Discount Technology has made it easier than ever to be safer on the road with the addition of numerous safety equipment devices in today's automobiles. Not only does having these safety devices in the car you drive helpful in protecting you, your passengers and other drivers on the road against accidents, they can help you qualify for cheaper auto insurance rates. Some pieces of safety equipment are required … [Read more...]

Is address fraud an auto insurance issue?

Adress fraud and auto insurance issue

Is Address Fraud An Auto Insurance Issue? If a driver uses any address other than the one where he is currently living when he registers his vehicle or applies for automobile insurance, he is committing fraud. Address fraud happens when an individual intentionally uses someone else's address, a former address or a fictitious address in order to gain certain benefits that they would not normally be entitled to and in the case of automobile … [Read more...]

Maryland Auto Insurance

Maryland Auto Insurance

In the state of Maryland, all drivers are required to carry auto insurance in the state to satisfy financial responsibility laws that are mandated by the Maryland Insurance Administration. Because most drivers in the state cannot afford to self-insurance, drivers are required to comply by purchasing liability auto insurance, uninsured motorist, and Personal Injury Protection. In addition to the required coverage options, drivers may also purchase … [Read more...]

Getting An Baltimore Auto Insurance Quote

Finding the best auto insurance should be important to any modern day driver. Many people leap at the first opportunity they see to get auto insurance, instead of shopping around. Luckily, you can find affordable auto insurance quotes from reputable companies by using our website. … [Read more...]

Finding Affordable Auto Insurance In Baltimore

Current residents in the Baltimore area have many different options when it comes to finding affordable auto insurance. This is great for customers seeking auto insurance at an affordable rate. We can use the internet as a tool to find affordable auto insurance quotes online. Baltimore Auto Insurance Deals is ready to help you find affordable auto insurance rates quickly and efficiently. … [Read more...]