How to Qualify for A Military Discount on Auto Insurance

Military Discount in Honor of the Armed Forces

Many auto insurance companies are proud to provide tangible evidence of their respect for the many sacrifices made by past and current members of military armed forces. They do this by offering a military discount on auto insurance to qualified customers. Are you an active member of a branch of the U.S. military services? Are you retired from active service? Are you currently a member of the National Guard or Military Reserve?  Then it pays you to investigate if the company providing your automobile insurance coverage is willing to discount your premiums by as much as 15% to 25% because of your military affiliation.

Who Qualifies for Military Discount on Auto Insurance?

Military Discount for Auto InsuranceIn many cases, depending upon the company offering the insurance coverage, spouses and even the adult children of current military service members as well as veterans can also take advantage of a military discount on their auto insurance. Individuals who are currently in the military have a lifestyle that often includes sudden deployments as well as moving from place to place frequently. A military discount on auto insurance is one way that insurance companies prevent military service members and their families from being penalized by having to pay higher rates because they often don’t live or stay in one location for very long.

Overseas Deployment

Many service members who find out they are being deployed to an overseas assignment often make the mistake of discontinuing their auto insurance coverage. When they return to the states, their record now contains a gap in insurance coverage which works against them when they try to obtain new coveage. So a smarter course of action for any active member of the military is to ask their auto insurance company to offer them a waiver while they are deployed that allows them to continue receiving the same military discount once they return stateside.

Emergency Deployment Discount

Service members who find themselves deployed to areas of the world considered by the Department of Defense as being extremely dangerous can request an emergency deployment discount if they house their vehicle during their absence in an approved storage facility. Upon their return stateside, there is no hassle activing their insurance coverage again using a military discount that saves them money.

Auto Insurance Military Discount in Louisiana

Special circumstances apply for military personnel based in the state of Louisiana. State law enacted there in 2006 requires that any insurer operating in the state who offers insurance coverage on motor vehicles must automatically offer a 25% discount on liability insurance purchased by any individual who is actively serving in any branch of the U.S. Military.