Key Facts About Auto Insurance for Scooters

A scooter is a style of motorcycle with a platform for resting the feet while riding that has become increasingly popular as a transportation mode for individuals who want an economical means of travel now that gas prices seem to be rising on a daily if not weekly basis. But just as every state mandates minimum insurance coverage for passenger automobiles, scooter riders should be aware that they must also prove their financial responsibility by obtaining the minimum requirements of insurance coverage from a reputable insurance provider. Any insurance carrier that offers motorcycle insurance is also a good source for obtaining scooter insurance because the risks associated with riding both types of vehicles are pretty similar.

Elements of Good Coverage

When searching for good scooter insurance coverage, riders should insist that their policy cover not only liability concerns but also physical damage as well as offering protection from other drivers on the road who are either underinsured or uninsured. Smart scooter riders choose to carry liability coverage that equals what they carry on their passenger automobile. Although it may be tempting to carry less, this carries grave financial risks of your other assets should your scooter be involved in an accident that causes damage or harm to others. Having liability coverage equal to the value of your scooter is woefully shortsighted in providing the best protection when traveling along busy streets or in high traffic situations on a scooter.

Safety Gear and Auto Insurance for ScootersScootering Safely

After investing in a scooter itself, scooter riders should also invest in appropriate safety gear while riding, including a helmet for head protection, comfortable gloves and eye goggles. Most insurance plans will cover loss or repair for safety gear without the policy holder having to use their deductible to cover these items out of their own pocket.

Common Misconceptions

Some scooter riders feel it is enough to add a rider to their current automobile insurance policy or rely on their homeowner’s insurance policy to cover any liability issues that arise from using a scooter. This could be a disastrous financial mistake because homeowner’s policies do not automatically cover scooter riding and do not offer that all important medical payments coverage as well as protecting the rider should they be injured or damaged by a car driver or other scooter rider who is either uninsured or underinsured. Being without a separate scooter insurance policy serves as an invitation to a quick lawsuit by the other party involved in any accident or collision in which damage or injury occurred.

Keeping It Affordable

Of all types of auto insurance available, insurance for scooters is among the most affordable. To lower your scooter insurance costs even further, ask your insurance provider if you can qualify for a discount for using safety gear while riding, for having anti-theft devices installed on your scooter, have multiple insurance policies in place with the same company, successfully complete an approved motorcycle safety course, have a spotless accident-free driving record, or are a member of a scooter organization or group of riders to qualify for a group discount. Many scooter riders soon discover that averaging 100 miles a gallon riding a scooter rather than driving a car that gets less than 20 mpg helps them save enough money to afford a well-rounded scooter insurance policy that offers liability, physical damage and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

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