Safety Equipment Influences Auto Insurance Discount

Safety Equipment Brings Auto Insurance Discount

Technology has made it easier than ever to be safer on the road with the addition of numerous safety equipment devices in today’s automobiles. Not only does having these safety devices in the car you drive helpful in protecting you, your passengers and other drivers on the road against accidents, they can help you qualify for cheaper auto insurance rates. Some pieces of safety equipment are required by law and already factory installed in the car at the time you purchase it either new or previously owned, while other safety devices can be purchased afterward for installation to give your automobile a higher safety rating when it comes to qualifying for a safety equipment discount on your policy.


Car Safety Equipment Auto Insurance DiscountAir bags are the among the most common pieces of safety equipment that insurance companies consider as they evaluate your vehicle for the purpose of offering a safety equipment discount. All newer models of automobiles have these in front for the driver and front seat passenger, but you can also get them installed for the back seat passengers to prevent anyone from being projected through the windshield in the event of a crash. A factory-installed anti-lock brake system (ABS) is another category of safety equipment most insurance companies consider very favorable to qualifying for a discount.

Daytime Running Lights

Because recent studies have proven that the use of daytime running lights on an automobile seriously reduces the risk of accident because they increase the vehicle’s visibility to other cars on the road, adding this safety feature to your car pays dividends by way of lower insurance rates. Using something as simple as a steering wheel lock bar to prevent theft is another piece of safety equipment that usually qualifies a driver for discounted rates. A process called window sketching in which your car’s vehicle identification number is sketched directly into the windshield glass so that a thief cannot alter it to hide the fact that the vehicle is stolen is another safety device that helps lower your rate.

GPS Recovery System

A GPS Recovery System that alerts you when your car alarm has been activated and tracks your vehicle when it has been stolen to aid the police in quickly recovering it is one of the best safety equipment features to install in order to qualify for lower insurance rates. If your car was produced in 2008 or later, it automatically comes with another safety feature that insurance companies like to see on automobiles, a tire-pressure monitoring system to keep your tires well maintained. Emergency response systems, rearview cameras that increase driver visibility when backing up, blind-spot detection systems and lane-departure warning systems are other high-tech safety devices that contribute to your likelihood of receiving rate discounts up to 25%.