No Fault Accidents and Insurance Coverage in Baltimore

No Fault Accidents and Insurance Coverage in Baltimore

Maryland's Insurance Compensation Fault System When driving in and around the Baltimore area, it's important to understand that Maryland operates under a "fault" rather than "no fault" system when it comes to determining which party and whose insurance company will compensate the individuals who have suffered either property damage or injuries requiring medical attention following an automobile collision. In Maryland, the driver who is judged to … [Read more...]

Key Facts About Auto Insurance for Scooters

Safety Gear and Auto Insurance for Scooters

A scooter is a style of motorcycle with a platform for resting the feet while riding that has become increasingly popular as a transportation mode for individuals who want an economical means of travel now that gas prices seem to be rising on a daily if not weekly basis. But just as every state mandates minimum insurance coverage for passenger automobiles, scooter riders should be aware that they must also prove their financial responsibility by … [Read more...]

Is address fraud an auto insurance issue?

Adress fraud and auto insurance issue

Is Address Fraud An Auto Insurance Issue? If a driver uses any address other than the one where he is currently living when he registers his vehicle or applies for automobile insurance, he is committing fraud. Address fraud happens when an individual intentionally uses someone else's address, a former address or a fictitious address in order to gain certain benefits that they would not normally be entitled to and in the case of automobile … [Read more...]

Baltimore Auto Insurance Rates

When it comes to auto insurance, you’re well-advised to shop around for prices. Comparing auto insurance rates is important for a number of reasons. First, it provides you with a basic outline of what the current market rates are for your area and your type of vehicle. Also, it allows you to learn about a number of different plans, all of which may offer varying services and coverage at different rates. … [Read more...]